Bag of Alliance Supplies

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Bag of Alliance Supplies.png

Bag of Alliance Supplies

Item type
Account Bound
Found Heirlooms + Silver coin 4 Copper coin
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Supplies from Scarlet's Alliance troops.

— In-game description

Bag of Alliance Supplies is a container obtained as drops during Escape from Lion's Arch or from either Heirloom Merchant. If purchasing from Heirloom Merchants, note the cost efficiency of the different containers below:
Container Cost per bag
Bag Found Heirlooms + Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Box Found Heirlooms + 80 Copper coin
Crate Found Heirlooms + 60 Copper coin


Contained in[edit]


Note: Drop rate research can be found here.
  • Chance for 50 Copper coin75 Copper coin
  • 2-3 of the following items:
  • 1 random DMasterwork rarity item
  • 1 random ERare rarity item
  • 1 random FExotic rarity item (including precursors)
Item Average number of item received per container opened
Blade Shard.png Blade Shard 1.21
Found Belonging.png Found Belonging 0.674
Refugee Child's Drawing (Lion's Arch).png Refugee Child's Drawing 0.167
Powerful Potion of Demon Slaying.png Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies 0.096
Pile of Bloodstone Dust.png Pile of Bloodstone Dust 0.09
Masterwork Equipment 0.089
Empyreal Fragment.png Empyreal Fragment 0.058
Silk Scrap.png Silk Scrap 0.041
Dragonite Ore.png Dragonite Ore 0.031
Cotton Scrap.png Cotton Scrap 0.02
Linen Scrap.png Linen Scrap 0.02
Wool Scrap.png Wool Scrap 0.019
Black Quaggan Tonic.png Black Quaggan Tonic 0.008
Blue Quaggan Tonic.png Blue Quaggan Tonic 0.008
Green Quaggan Tonic.png Green Quaggan Tonic 0.007
Pink Quaggan Tonic.png Pink Quaggan Tonic 0.006
Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (3-4).png Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (3/4) 0.006
Captain's Airship Pass (single use).png Captain's Airship Pass 0.005
Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (1-4).png Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (1/4) 0.005
Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (4-4).png Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (4/4) 0.005
Rare Equipment 0.003
Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (2-4).png Spinal Blades Blueprint Scrap (2/4) 0.003
Killstreak Experience Booster.png Killstreak Experience Booster 0.002
Magic Find Booster.png Magic Find Booster 0.002
Endless Blue Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Blue Quaggan Tonic 0.001
Mini Captain Magnus.png Mini Captain Magnus 0.001
Small Guild Discovery.png Small Guild Discovery 0.001
Speed Booster.png Speed Booster 0.001
Armor Booster.png Armor Booster 0
Endless Black Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Black Quaggan Tonic 0
Endless Green Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Green Quaggan Tonic 0
Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonic 0
Endless Pink Quaggan Tonic.png Endless Pink Quaggan Tonic 0
Exotic Equipment 0
Spinal Blade Pack Blueprint.png Spinal Blade Pack Blueprint 0