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Stormbluff Isle Refugee Camp

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Stormbluff Isle Refugee Camp

The Stormbluff Isle Refugee Camp was a camp for residents of Lion's Arch displaced by the attack by Scarlet's Alliance. It is managed by the Lionguard with assistance from the Order of Whispers.






Ambient dialogue[edit]

During Escape from Lion's Arch[edit]

Aid Worker Symon: Three more cases of the rattling cough. The sick aren't responding to standard healing incantations.
Aid Worker Brokka: Collect sputum samples from the infected, and bring them to the Red Labs immediately.
Aid Worker Symon: At once, Lightbringer. What should we do about the sick?
Aid Worker Brokka: There's little we can do for them. Focus on gathering as much intelligence as we can.
Aid Worker Brokka: And don't call me Lightbringer. We're aid volunteers from Sparkfly Fen. Adhere to the cover.
Aid Worker Symon: Understood.
Aid Worker Symon: The refugees keep mentioning a sky platform with a drill burrowing for something in the harbors of Lion's Arch.
Aid Worker Brokka: I'll let the master know. Keep talking with the refugees. It'll have to do until we get operatives inside the city.

During Battle for Lion's Arch[edit]

Aid Worker Symon: Have the Preceptors deciphered Scarlet's true motive with Lion's Arch?
Aid Worker Brokka: If they have, they haven't announced it.
Aid Worker Symon: I imagine her erratic behavior is proving cryptic to traditional analysis.
Aid Worker Symon: I've gotten confirmation of Priory and Vigil relief camps set up in Lornar's Pass and Gendarran Fields.
Aid Worker Brokka: But we're still not getting word from our informants there. Odd.

During Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath[edit]

Aid Worker Brokka: Tokk asked me to marry him, and I said yes.
Aid Worker Symon: Congratulations. That's one good thing that came out of the destruction of Lion's Arch.
Aid Worker Brokka: We've decided to adopt Leyah and Jordyn.
Aid Worker Symon: You're joking.
Aid Worker Brokka: No. They may be at a cognitive disadvantage due to their race, but they'll still benefit from our love and support.
Aid Worker Symon: That's very generous of you.
Aid Worker Brokka: Tokk has a farm on the outskirts of the city. We'll all move in there.
Aid Worker Symon: It wasn't destroyed?
Aid Worker Brokka: We're not sure how badly damaged it is. At worst, we'll just have to rebuild.

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