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Area map locator

Ascalonian Catacombs[edit]

Archive of the Resting Archive of the Resting map.jpg Archive of the Resting locator.svg
Catacomb Entrance Catacomb Entrance map.jpg Catacomb Entrance locator.svg
Durmand Priory Camp Durmand Priory Camp map.jpg Durmand Priory Camp locator.svg
Eastern Chambers Eastern Chambers map.jpg Eastern Chambers locator.svg
Foefire's Heart Foefire's Heart map.jpg Foefire's Heart locator.svg
Flooded Temple Flooded Temple map.jpg Flooded Temple locator.svg
Graveling Tunnels Graveling Tunnels map.jpg Graveling Tunnels locator.svg
Hall of Champions Hall of Champions map.jpg Hall of Champions locator.svg
Hall of Murals Hall of Murals map.jpg Hall of Murals locator.svg
Hall of Stairs Hall of Stairs map.jpg Hall of Stairs locator.svg
Lair of the Patriarch Lair of the Patriarch map.jpg Lair of the Patriarch locator.svg
Ossuary Crypts Ossuary Crypts map.jpg Ossuary Crypts locator.svg
Rockfall Chamber Rockfall Chamber map.jpg Rockfall Chamber locator.svg
The Lovers' Crypt The Lovers' Crypt map.jpg The Lovers' Crypt locator.svg
Votive Cathedral Votive Cathedral map.jpg Votive Cathedral locator.svg
Western Chambers Western Chambers map.jpg Western Chambers locator.svg
Area map locator

Caudecus's Manor[edit]

Bandit's Supply Room Bandit's Supply Room map.jpg Bandit's Supply Room locator.svg
Eastern Tunnel Eastern Tunnel map.jpg Eastern Tunnel locator.svg
Formal Garden Formal Garden map.jpg Formal Garden locator.svg
Hidden Falls Dock Hidden Falls Dock map.jpg Hidden Falls Dock locator.svg
Hidden Trail Hidden Trail map.jpg Hidden Trail locator.svg
Hidden Workshop Hidden Workshop map.jpg Hidden Workshop locator.svg
Mansion (Basement) Mansion (Basement) map.jpg Mansion (Basement) locator.svg
Mansion (Ground Floor) Mansion (Basement) map.jpg Mansion (Ground Floor) locator.svg
Mansion (Upper Floor) Mansion (Basement) map.jpg Mansion (Upper Floor) locator.svg
Reception Court Reception Court map.jpg Reception Court locator.svg
Vista Lawn Vista Lawn map.jpg Vista Lawn locator.svg
Western Tunnel Western Tunnel map.jpg Western Tunnel locator.svg
Area map locator

Twilight Arbor[edit]

Antechamber Antechamber map.jpg Antechamber locator.svg
Boleshian Pit Boleshian Pit map.jpg Boleshian Pit locator.svg
Chamber of Envy Chamber of Envy map.jpg Chamber of Envy locator.svg
Depth of Despair Depth of Despair map.jpg Depth of Despair locator.svg
Faolain's Lair Faolain's Lair map.jpg Faolain's Lair locator.svg
Ferndog Backwoods Ferndog Backwoods map.jpg Ferndog Backwoods locator.svg
Hall of Heart's Remorse Hall of Heart's Remorse map.jpg Hall of Heart's Remorse locator.svg
Lake of Fear Lake of Fear map.jpg Lake of Fear locator.svg
Orbweaver Gallery Orbweaver Gallery map.jpg Orbweaver Gallery locator.svg
Outlook of Woe Outlook of Woe map.jpg Outlook of Woe locator.svg
Peatrot Gallery Peatrot Gallery map.jpg Peatrot Gallery locator.svg
Pedipalp Roots Pedipalp Roots map.jpg Pedipalp Roots locator.svg
Phloem Meander Phloem Meander map.jpg Phloem Meander locator.svg
Reception Hall Reception Hall map.jpg Reception Hall locator.svg
Spinneret Creche Spinneret Creche map.jpg Spinneret Creche locator.svg
The Arboretum The Arboretum map.jpg The Arboretum locator.svg
The Nursery The Nursery map.jpg The Nursery locator.svg
Weta Alcove Weta Alcove map.jpg Weta Alcove locator.svg
Verdure Gallery Verdure Gallery map.jpg Verdure Gallery locator.svg
Area map locator

Sorrow's Embrace[edit]

Citadel of Vostol Citadel of Vostol map.jpg Citadel of Vostol locator.svg
Citizen's Co-operative Citizen's Co-operative map.jpg Citizen's Co-operative locator.svg
Dredge Square Dredge Square map.jpg Dredge Square locator.svg
Forgeman Chamber Forgeman Chamber map.jpg Forgeman Chamber locator.svg
Geothermal Access Geothermal Access map.jpg Geothermal Access locator.svg
Inquest Base KD-4 Inquest Base KD-4 map.jpg Inquest Base KD-4 locator.svg
Mechanism Depot Mechanism Depot map.jpg Mechanism Depot locator.svg
Mechanisms of Production Mechanisms of Production map.jpg Mechanisms of Production locator.svg
Old Summit Quarry Old Summit Quarry map.jpg Old Summit Quarry locator.svg
Redflicker Fissure Redflicker Fissure map.jpg Redflicker Fissure locator.svg
Sorrow's Gate Sorrow's Gate map.jpg Sorrow's Gate locator.svg
The Irongorge The Irongorge map.jpg The Irongorge locator.svg
Utility Passage Utility Passage map.jpg Utility Passage locator.svg
Volcanium Pit Volcanium Pit map.jpg Volcanium Pit locator.svg
Zalten Mines Zalten Mines map.jpg Zalten Mines locator.svg
Area map locator

Citadel of Flame[edit]

Altar of Baelfire Altar of Baelfire map.jpg Altar of Baelfire locator.svg
Ashen Chamber Ashen Chamber map.jpg Ashen Chamber locator.svg
Chamber of Might Chamber of Might map.jpg Chamber of Might locator.svg
Daemon's Undercroft Daemon's Undercroft map.jpg Daemon's Undercroft locator.svg
Devourian Stables Devourian Stables map.jpg Devourian Stables locator.svg
Eastern Transept Eastern Transept map.jpg Eastern Transept locator.svg
Ferric Chamber Ferric Chamber map.jpg Ferric Chamber locator.svg
Gaheron's Triumph Gaheron's Triumph map.jpg Gaheron's Triumph locator.svg
Gallery of Rage Gallery of Rage map.jpg Gallery of Rage locator.svg
Illuminated Nave Illuminated Nave map.jpg Illuminated Nave locator.svg
Mausoleum of the Khan-Ur Mausoleum of the Khan-Ur map.jpg Mausoleum of the Khan-Ur locator.svg
Molten Foundry Molten Foundry map.jpg Molten Foundry locator.svg
Neotheon Chamber Neotheon Chamber map.jpg Neotheon Chamber locator.svg
Sanguine Vault Sanguine Vault map.jpg Sanguine Vault locator.svg
Shrine of Sacrifice Shrine of Sacrifice map.jpg Shrine of Sacrifice locator.svg
Templum Praesidium Templum Praesidium map.jpg Templum Praesidium locator.svg
Viscous Caves Viscous Caves map.jpg Viscous Caves locator.svg
Western Transept Western Transept map.jpg Western Transept locator.svg
Area locator

Honor of the Waves[edit]

Blessed Path Blessed Path locator.svg
Central Ladders Central Ladders locator.svg
Chamber of Harmony Chamber of Harmony locator.svg
Chamber of Honor's Voice Chamber of Honor's Voice locator.svg
Court of Measures Court of Measures locator.svg
Court of Welcoming Court of Welcoming locator.svg
Domain of the Resplendent Fist Domain of the Resplendent Fist locator.svg
Gallery of Passage Gallery of Passage locator.svg
Gallery of Peace Gallery of Peace locator.svg
Geoffrey's Tubes Geoffrey's Tubes locator.svg
Hall of Balance Hall of Balance locator.svg
Halls of Everlasting Thought Halls of Everlasting Thought locator.svg
Kedge Hold Kedge Hold locator.svg
Midships Midships locator.svg
Palace of Gathering Palace of Gathering locator.svg
Pavilions of Meditation Pavilions of Meditation locator.svg
Port Hold Port Hold locator.svg
Sanctuary Galley Sanctuary Galley locator.svg
Sanctuary Prow Sanctuary Prow locator.svg
Sanctum of Justice Sanctum of Justice locator.svg
Starboard Hold Starboard Hold locator.svg
Stations of Contemplation Stations of Contemplation locator.svg
The Sternquarters The Sternquarters locator.svg
Winch Hold Winch Hold locator.svg
Area map locator

Crucible of Eternity[edit]

Alchemic Spillway Alchemic Spillway map.jpg Alchemic Spillway locator.svg
Alpha Experiment Reserve Alpha Experiment Reserve map.jpg Alpha Experiment Reserve locator.svg
Ambulatory Preparation Facility Ambulatory Preparation Facility map.jpg Ambulatory Preparation Facility locator.svg
Arcanic Reactor Arcanic Reactor map.jpg Arcanic Reactor locator.svg
Central Data Repository Central Data Repository map.jpg Central Data Repository locator.svg
Crucible Access Platform Crucible Access Platform map.jpg Crucible Access Platform locator.svg
Essence Purification Zone Essence Purification Zone map.jpg Essence Purification Zone locator.svg
Experimental Lab Green Experimental Lab Green map.jpg Experimental Lab Green locator.svg
Experimental Lab Red Experimental Lab Red map.jpg Experimental Lab Red locator.svg
Experimental Lab White Experimental Lab White map.jpg Experimental Lab White locator.svg
Golemetric Diagnostics Golemetric Diagnostics map.jpg Golemetric Diagnostics locator.svg
Golemgate Delivery Dock Golemgate Delivery Dock map.jpg Golemgate Delivery Dock locator.svg
Independent Research Sector Independent Research Sector map.jpg Independent Research Sector locator.svg
Magimechanic Upgrade Depot Magimechanic Upgrade Depot map.jpg Magimechanic Upgrade Depot locator.svg
Psychoarcanic Monitoring Complex Psychoarcanic Monitoring Complex map.jpg Psychoarcanic Monitoring Complex locator.svg
Security Checkpoint Security Checkpoint map.jpg Security Checkpoint locator.svg
Subject Preparation Vaults Subject Preparation Vaults map.jpg Subject Preparation Vaults locator.svg
Thaumagolemic Observation Creche Thaumagolemic Observation Creche map.jpg Thaumagolemic Observation Creche locator.svg
The Aquarium The Aquarium map.jpg The Aquarium locator.svg
Area map locator

The Ruined City of Arah[edit]

Arsenal of the Blessed Arsenal of the Blessed map.jpg Arsenal of the Blessed locator.svg
Ascendant's Bounty Ascendant's Bounty map.jpg Ascendant's Bounty locator.svg
Corrupted Canals Corrupted Canals map.jpg Corrupted Canals locator.svg
Courts of the Highborn Kings Courts of the Highborn Kings map.jpg Courts of the Highborn Kings locator.svg
Crypts of the Dreaming Dead Crypts of the Dreaming Dead map.jpg Crypts of the Dreaming Dead locator.svg
Estates of the Favored Estates of the Favored map.jpg Estates of the Favored locator.svg
Inquest Base Brawn Zeleph Inquest Base Brawn Zeleph map.jpg Inquest Base Brawn Zeleph locator.svg
Nave of Arah Nave of Arah map.jpg Nave of Arah locator.svg
Reza's Passage Reza's Passage map.jpg Reza's Passage locator.svg
The Divine Piazza The Divine Piazza map.jpg The Divine Piazza locator.svg
The Ghostlamp Way The Ghostlamp Way map.jpg The Ghostlamp Way locator.svg
The Godpath Gardens The Godpath Gardens map.jpg The Godpath Gardens locator.svg
The Grand Basilica The Grand Basilica map.jpg The Grand Basilica locator.svg
The Grand Temple of the Pantheon The Grand Temple of the Pantheon map.jpg The Grand Temple of the Pantheon locator.svg
The Heavencrystal Palace The Heavencrystal Palace map.jpg The Heavencrystal Palace locator.svg
The Rotten Armada The Rotten Armada map.jpg The Rotten Armada locator.svg
The Shattered Cleft The Shattered Cleft map.jpg The Shattered Cleft locator.svg
The Shipfall The Shipfall map.jpg The Shipfall locator.svg
The Vaults of the Hidden The Vaults of the Hidden map.jpg The Vaults of the Hidden locator.svg
The Vaults of Holiness The Vaults of Holiness map.jpg The Vaults of Holiness locator.svg

Dungeon Story and Explorable Paths[edit]

Ascalonian Catacombs
Caudecus's Manor
Twilight Arbor
Sorrow's Embrace
Citadel of Flame
Honor of the Waves
Crucible of Eternity
The Ruined City of Arah

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