Experimental Lab White

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Experimental Lab White

Experimental Lab White map.jpg
Map of Experimental Lab White

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Experimental Lab White.jpg

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Experimental Lab White is a snow-themed laboratory within the Crucible of Eternity. The Inquest were experimenting on Icebrood here, as well as studying the energies of Jormag. It is snowing inside the lab, and there is a thin sheet of ice on every surface. Ice stalagmites and stalactites jut out from the floor and ceiling. The only unfrozen objects here are the eight live power coils situated at the points of the octagonal main platform.

The main occupant here is Bjarl the Rampager, an icebrood warrior. While a subject here, he may not be a prisoner, as there are no restraints on him. The Inquest experiments have caused him to evolve, growing a nearly impervious scale coat.