Thaumagolemic Observation Creche

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Thaumagolemic Observation Creche

Thaumagolemic Observation Creche locator.svg
Location within Crucible of Eternity

Thaumagolemic Observation Creche 2.jpg
Thaumagolemic Observation Creche

This appears to be a secondary facility for the transformation and subjugation of dragon minions. As with the Subject Preparation Vaults, the room is equipped with containment pods and cells. Nascent minions of every type are kept here, likely to observe if the Inquest mind-control magics have taken hold. In the unlikely event of a jailbreak, golems can be diverted from the main factory to the south to restore order.




  • Only accessible through Explorable Path 1.
  • A team of Inquest scientists come under siege here when several dragon minions break loose, during Zojja's invasion of the facility. They must await the arrival of Agent Spire for their fate to be determined.
  • A small room filled with golems lies beneath the southwest corner of the Creche, visible from the Magimechanic Upgrade Depot. While detailed on the map, it does not appear to be accessible.