Central Data Repository

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Central Data Repository

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Central Data Repository map.jpg
Map of Central Data Repository

Alchemic SpillwayAlpha Experiment ReserveAmbulatory Preparation FacilityArcanic ReactorCentral Data RepositoryCrucible Access PlatformEssence Purification ZoneExperimental Lab GreenExperimental Lab RedExperimental Lab WhiteGolemetric DiagnosticsGolemgate Delivery DockIndependent Research SectorMagimechanic Upgrade DepotPsychoarcanic Monitoring ComplexSecurity CheckpointSubject Preparation VaultsThaumagolemic Observation CrecheThe AquariumCentral Data Repository locator.svg

Central Data Repository.jpg

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The Central Data Repository provides access to data and functions from throughout the Crucible facility. Zojja steals and then wipes the accumulated data from here during Story Mode, before confronting Kudu. During Explorable Mode, Agent Spire uses the terminals here to lock down the facility and turn off all life support functions therein.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Central Data Repository Waypoint — (story mode)
Waypoint (map icon).png Central Data Repository Waypoint — (explorable mode)




Icebrood (explorable mode only)