Golemgate Delivery Dock

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Golemgate Delivery Dock

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Golemgate Delivery Dock map.jpg
Map of Golemgate Delivery Dock

Golemgate Delivery Dock locator.svg
Location within Crucible of Eternity

Golemgate Delivery Dock.jpg
Golemgate Delivery Dock

Golemgate Delivery Dock is a shipping/receiving area for the Crucible of Eternity. Crates of something or other are stacked here, awaiting relocation within the facility.

This is the third and final location where Subject Alpha is encountered on the first path in Crucible of Eternity. Upon his defeat, one of the outer walls of the room is breached by the submarine called in by Agent Spire to rescue the party.


Points of Interest
Point of interest.png The S S Cuttlefish




  • The southeast wall has an extremely large plaque covered with asuran script. The surrounding wall is also enscribed, but the letters are much more faint.