Experimental Lab Red

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Experimental Lab Red

Experimental Lab Red map.jpg
Map of Experimental Lab Red

Experimental Lab Red locator.svg
Location within Crucible of Eternity

Experimental Lab Red.jpg
Experimental Lab Red

Experimental Lab Red is a fire-themed laboratory within the Crucible of Eternity. The Inquest were experimenting on Destroyers here. Their chief success can be found at the bottom of the lab.

The main occupant, an Evolved Destroyer, is confined to the platform in the central pit. The pit is filled with lava to keep it comfortable. A trio of cryolasers arrayed around the pit prevent it from becoming too comfortable. Staged holographic platforms provide access to the platform, while any hapless bookah falling into the pit can use the access stairs to climb out.

Initially, the Evolved Destroyer is the sole subject here, being studied by several Inquest scientists. Once the reactor goes critical, Destroyers of all shapes and sizes fill the lab and slaughter the Inquest to the last asura. Following the chaos from the reactor breach, they escape into the facility.