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The Guild Wars 2 Teaser Trailer, the first trailer of Guild Wars 2, premiered at the 2009 Gamescom event. After being exhibited in the show, the trailer was made available on the Guild Wars 2 website and may currently be seen and downloaded there.


Concept art from the trailer
Narrator: "Tyria."
Narrator: "The dragons have always been here, sleeping deep beneath the earth, beneath the sea, waiting for the time to rise."
Narrator: "One hundred years ago the drowned empire of Orr rose from the sea at a dragon's command."
Narrator: "A dragon whose name is written in the legends of the dwarves."
Narrator: "A dragon known as Zhaitan."
Narrator: "His soulless army surged from the waters, hungry for destruction."
Narrator: "Our ancestors fought against the tide, but Zhaitan's power was too great."
Narrator: "We have learned from those defeats. We learned that no single nation can fight alone and succeed."
Narrator: "The five races must stand together against their enemies, and refuse to surrender."
Narrator: "Heroes come together in glory, discovering new magic, new technology, that will save our world."
Narrator: "It is time for legends to become real."
Narrator: "Now is the time. Claim your destiny. Forge your legend."


True HD Resolution

  • It was played and recorded in real-time at true 1080p HD resolution, not scaled up artificially.
  • The animated lore part of the video is produced at 1080p resolution from the ground up. All assets are created at true 1080p resolution.

The Animated Part of the Video

  • The animated, pre-rendered lore intro portion of the video was done completely in-house. This was not farmed out to a speciality studio that produces high-end pre-rendered videos. All of the illustrations, animation, editing, and rendering was done at ArenaNet.
  • The work was primarily illustrated by Kekai Kotaki but also features some pieces by Daniel Dociu.

The In-Game Part of the Video

  • The in-game part of the video is actual in-game footage. It was rendered in real-time in the game engine and recorded live using video capture hardware. Nothing was pre-rendered. All models, textures, and other assets are actual game play versions. They haven't been prettied up for marketing purposes.

Other features[edit]

The trailer displays multiple pieces of concept art, most of which are displayed in quick succession at the end of the movie. The images have been made available in their own category.

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