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ArenaNet employee

Horia Dociu

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Art Director

Horia Dociu is a former Chief Art Director for Guild Wars 2. He was born in Romania and trained at the Digipen Institute of Technology.


Horia's first job in the video games industry was as a texture artist for Snow-blind Studios. He then moved to become an environment artist at Zipper Interactive. Following this, he joined Valve where he worked on Half-Life 2 as an environment artist. He first joined ArenaNet in 2003 as a concept/environment artist for Guild Wars, before becoming the Cinematic Director in 2007. In 2011 he left to become the Art Director at Sucker Punch Productions. In 2016 he returned to ArenaNet as an Art Director, and in 2017 he took over the position of Chief Art Director from his father, Daniel Dociu. He left the studio again in April 2019 to work as Publishing Art Director at Microsoft.



  • Studio Art Director
    • February 2016 – April 2019


  • Art Director at Sucker Punch Productions
    • December 2011 - January 2016
  • Cinematic Director at ArenaNet
    • December 2003 - December 2011
  • Prop/Texture Artist at Valve
    • 2001 - 2003

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