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Djinn Teleportation Device

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Djinn Teleportation Device.png

Djinn Teleportation Device

Item type
Account Bound
Game link
Djinn Teleportation Device.jpg

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Inactive Djinn Teleportation Device.jpg

Inactive Portal

Djinn Teleportation Device Radar.jpg

Placement Radar

Double-click to consume.
Double-click or trade in at the Guild Decoration Trader to earn a decoration.

— In-game description

When placing the teleportation device a cone appears behind the portal showing the angular range that the Djinn Teleportation Device Exit must be placed in to pair with the device. The exit device can be placed at any elevation or distance so long as it is within the illuminated angle at the back of the entrance device. If an exit is placed correctly the surface of the device will change. In this way, multiple devices can connect to the same exit.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Fion Fion  
Gilded Hollow
Lost Precipice
Windswept Haven
Isle of Reflection
Brilliant Djinn Doubloon