Lost Belongings

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Lost Belongings

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Lost Belongings location.jpg

Ancient Awakened Soldier's Ring - Path via the moving platform jumping puzzle

Lost Belongings location 2.jpg

Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2) - East of the Legendary Skeletal Lich

Lost Belongings (S Raceway).jpg

Chariot Reins - South Raceway

Lost Belongings (SW Raceway).jpg

Joko's Book Club Selections - Southwest Raceway

Lost Belongings are presumably the property of Mad Spirits.


Mad King's Realm



  • The chest containing Ancient Awakened Soldier's Ring is on a floating island north of the western waypoint in the top level of the Mad King's Labyrinth.
    • To access this waypoint, you must enter the labyrinth through a Haunted Door with a a purple map icon located in Tyria's overworld. (Haunted Doors with a green map icon lead to the eastern waypoint.)
      • A mesmer who has unlocked the waypoint can grant access via portaling.
      • Although it may not be possible to actually reach the waypoint, it is possible to get close enough to unlock it using a griffon from the eastern waypoint.
    • To access the floating island you need to do the first part of the jumping puzzle with the moving platforms that starts behind the waypoint island. You need to jump on the floating island from the platform that goes up and down next to it. While it's possible to jump on the island from a horizontally moving platform, doing so activates the Mad King Cackle.png Out of Bounds, Out of Mind effect, which teleports you to a random place in the labyrinth.
  • The chest containing Draft of a Love Letter (Page 2) is atop the rocks east of the Legendary Skeletal Lich.
    • It is fairly easy to reach the chest with a Springer.
  • The chest containing Chariot Reins is in an open-fronted square building in the south of Mad King's Raceway.
  • The chest containing Joko's Book Club Selections is inside an octagonal mausoleum in the southwest of Mad King's Raceway. The chest is not very visible from the outside, it is behind the pile of refuse and caskets.

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