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"Balthazar's Theme" is a recurring instrumental theme composed by Maclaine Diemer[1] which musically represents Balthazar, the God of War. The theme comprises of six notes and made its debut during the Stronghold of the Faithful raid, becoming more prominent during Living World Season 3 and Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.

Use in Guild Wars 2[edit]

Stronghold of the Faithful[edit]

"Balthazar's Theme" is referenced subtly alongside the more pronounced "White Mantle Theme" in the "Keep Siege" track while raiders assisting the Pact assault the stronghold of the White Mantle who attempt to resurrect Lazarus deep in the Forsaken Thicket.

Living World Season 3[edit]

"Balthazar's Theme" shows up in a fragmented form during the "White Mantle Divided" cinematic in the Out of the Shadows release when Balthazar, disguised as Lazarus, appears in Bloodstone Fen and announces himself as the god of the White Mantle. The first, three-note phrase of the theme is referenced by brass in the "Dragon Vigil" track when "Lazarus" comes to the aid of the Pact Commander and the Luminate to defend the newly hatched Aurene from invading Destroyers.

The theme returns with brass in a cinematic in the Flashpoint release when the Pact Commander and allies successfully break the illusion around "Lazarus" and Balthazar reveals himself. The theme shows up again, this time in its full six-note form while announced by both brass and choir, in the "Battle in Draconis Mons" track as the Commander and Taimi fight Balthazar's hounds Temar and Tegon while trying to stop the rogue God of War from using Taimi's Machine to enact his plans in the heart of the volcano within Draconis Mons.

Path of Fire[edit]

"Balthazar's Theme" returns in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire which centers on Balthazar's campaign in the Crystal Desert.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Appearances of the Theme[edit]

Below is a chronological list of identified uses of "Balthazar's Theme" from past releases:


In the "Battle in Draconis Mons" track the choir is, at certain points, literally singing Balthazar's leitmotif. However, the words used in the lyrics of the original Season 3 version of the track are simply gibberish syllables. A revised, remixed version of the track appearing in Path of Fire, however, includes a live choir with new lyrics singing about concepts relating to Balthazar such as "anger" and "fire".[1]

The lyrics of the revised version used in Path of Fire were adapted from Maclaine Diemer's suggested Latin lyrics by co-composers Brendon Williams and Wilbert Roget.[2] The "sequitur tenebrīs aeternum īra" part of the lyrics is what Williams and Roget used for iterations of Diemer's Balthazar leitmotif both for the aforementioned revised track as well as some of the other choral tracks in Path of Fire.[3]

Latin English
vindicta! Punishment!
ignis Fire
odium Hatred
flamma Flames
dracōnis et occīdendum The murder of the dragon
odium Hatred
ignis et tormentum Fire and torment
mors in perpetuum Eternal death
tenebrīs imperium insomnium The dark dominion of nightmares
ārdor exordium The beginning of heat
sequitur tenebrīs aeternum īra Followed by eternal dark rage
ah! Ah!
sequitur tenebrīs aeternum īra Followed by eternal dark rage
sequitur tenebrīs aeternum īra! Followed by eternal dark rage!


  • The theme comprising of six notes is likely a musical nod to Balthazar being one of the Six Human Gods.