Unidentified Dye

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the PvE item. For the PvP item, see Unidentified Dye (PvP).
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Unidentified Dye

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Double Click to identify one random dye color which can be unlocked for all of your characters or recycled at the mystic forge.

— In-game description



There are 382 possible colors that can drop from an Unidentified Dye including 181 CCommon, 119 DUncommon, and 82 ERare.

Rarity Grays Browns Reds Oranges Yellows Greens Blues Purples
CFine Square Fine Dye.png Burnished Steel DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Dust DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Fluff DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Fog DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Gray DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Green Tint DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Iron DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Silt DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Silver Lead Dye Square Fine Dye.png Beige DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Calfskin DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Cream DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Deep Pine DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Earthen DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Far Mountain DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Frosting DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Hint DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Khaki DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Latte DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Malt DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Midnight Rust DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mohair DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mudmetal DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mushroom DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Natural DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Old Nickel DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Olive Silk DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Orange Shade DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Peach Tint DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Rawhide DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Riverbed DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Swamp Grass DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Taupe DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Umber Dye Square Fine Dye.png Adobe Sunset DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Chestnut DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Humiliation DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Lava DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pale DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Peach DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Pink DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Rose DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Persephone DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pink Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Red DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Rose Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Rose Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Scarlet DyeSquare Fine Dye.png SpitfireSquare Fine Dye.png Strawberry Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Strawberry DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Tulip Square Fine Dye.png Adobe DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Blush DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Brick DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Buttercream DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Cantaloupe DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Citrus Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Citrus DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Copper Pot DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Honeybutter DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mahogany DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Melon DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Old Penny DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Orange Frost DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Orangespring DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Papaya DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Peach Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Peach Sunset DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Root DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Rust DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Shy Peach DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Sienna DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Strawberry Cream DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Sunset Dye Square Fine Dye.png Banana DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Brass DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Butter DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Butterscotch DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Caramel DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Citrus Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Clove DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Cornsilk DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Daffodil DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Honeysuckle DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Lemon DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Lemon Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Honey DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Lemon DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Spring DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Patina DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Peanut Butter DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spring Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Squash DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Tang DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Tangerine Dye Square Fine Dye.png Antique Olive DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Bronze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Cucumber DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Dark Olive DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Fresh Green DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Freshen DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Grape Leaf DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Green DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Green Shade DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Key Lime DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Leprechaun DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Lime Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Lime Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Marine DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Midnight Olive DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mint Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mintay DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mist DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Morning Sea DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Moss DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Olive DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Olive Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Olive Shade DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Olive Tint DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Olive Yew DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Mint DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Olive DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Shale DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Sour DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spite DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spring Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spring Leaf DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spring Moss DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Sprout DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Stem DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Wasabi DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Wintermint Dye Square Fine Dye.png Blue Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Blue Shade DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Country Teal DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Deep Teal DyeRound Fine Dye.png Forgiveness DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Frost Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Frosted Sea DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Hydrangea DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Midday DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Sea DyeSquare Fine Dye.png River DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Sea BreezeSquare Fine Dye.png Sea Green DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Sea Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Seafoam DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Shy Blue DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spring Dew DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spring Tide DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Spruce DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Summer Sky DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Winter Breeze DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Winter Frost Dye Round Fine Dye.png Arrogance DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Blurple DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Grape DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Grape Gum DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Grapesicle DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Grapevine DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Heliotrope DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Lavender DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Morning Glory DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Mountain Sky DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Purple DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pastel Violet DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Periwinkle DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Phlox DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Pride DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Purple Tint DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Scenic DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Shy Lilac DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Shy Violet DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Shylac DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Summer Thistle DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Veronica DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Violet DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Violet Ice DyeSquare Fine Dye.png Wine Ice Dye
DMasterwork Square Masterwork Dye.png Blue Tint DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Chalk DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Graphite DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pewter DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pitch DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Steel DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Violet Tint Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Cashmere DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Cream Shade DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Dark Chocolate DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Lemon Shade DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Mocha DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Nickel DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Refresh DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Truffle DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Walnut DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Wheat Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Cherry DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Coral DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Crush DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Demure DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Evening Red DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Flush DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Fuchsia DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Heather DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Heirloom DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Lifesblood DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Rose DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Mullberry DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pink DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pink Tint DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Remembrance DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Rose Shade DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Ruby DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Sunrise Breeze DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Wrath Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Bold DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Cinnamon DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Copper DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Copper Penny DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Grapefruit DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Hazel DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Orange DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Citrus DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Peach DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pumpkin Pie DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Sherbert DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Terracotta Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Chartreuse DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Gold DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Harvest Gold DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Honey DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Honey Ice DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Lemon Zest DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Nectar DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Tarnish Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Aqua Tint DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Avocado DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Celery DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Envy DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Evergreen DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Fern DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Grass DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Kelly DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Lime DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Green DyeRound Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Teal DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Yew DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Mint DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Mint Ice DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Olive Oil DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Lime DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pine DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Quickstalk DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Sour Apple DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Sprig DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Summer Grass DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Tea Shade DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Viridian DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Zest Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Afternoon DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Blue Rose DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Blueberry DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Brook DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Chalkboard DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Denim DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Dewdrop DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Dusty Grape DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Eucalyptus DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Gunmetal DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Hush DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Night Air DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Nightsong DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Ocean DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Blue DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Winter DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Robin DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Sea Frost DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Sincerity DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Teal DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Wintergreen Dye Square Masterwork Dye.png Dusk DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Evening DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Evening Wine DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Grape Shade DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Iris Blush DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Lilac DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Fuchsia DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Mischief DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Wine DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Purple DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Purple Ice DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Rich Grape DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Royal Purple DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Thistle DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Tungsten DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Violet Breeze DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Whisper DyeSquare Masterwork Dye.png Wine Breeze Dye
ERare Square Rare Dye.png Abyss DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Ash DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Black DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Celestial DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Frost DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Icing DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Lead DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Fire DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Night Shade DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Silver DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Tarnished Silver DyeSquare Rare Dye.png White Dye Square Rare Dye.png Antique Bronze DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Charcoal DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Chocolate DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Cocoa DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Ivory DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Gold DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Mithril DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Oil Slick Dye Square Rare Dye.png Black Cherry DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Blood DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Burgundy DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Cotton Candy DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Dusky DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Hot Pink DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Lipstick DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Maroon DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Red DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Oxblood DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Primrose DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Rose TintSquare Rare Dye.png Warmth Dye Square Rare Dye.png Creamsicle DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Pumpkin Dye Square Rare Dye.png Amber DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Ancient Silver DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Illumination DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Lemon Tint DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Lemonade DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Redemption DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Sand DyeSquare Rare Dye.png White Gold Dye Square Rare Dye.png Ceylon DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Crisp Mint DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Emerald DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Evening Grass DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Green Apple DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Mint Frost DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Sage DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Spearmint DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Spring DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Spring Grass Dye Square Rare Dye.png Autumn Sky DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Blue Sky DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Cobalt DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Country Blue DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Dapple DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Blue DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Ice DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Sky DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Old Jeans DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Regal DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Royal Blue DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Sapphire DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Sky DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Starry Night DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Turquoise DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Winter Ice Dye Square Rare Dye.png Brandywine DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Deep Lilac DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Indigo DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Iris DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Purple DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Midnight Violet DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Night Iris DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Plum DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Purple Breeze DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Shy Iris DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Taro DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Wine DyeSquare Rare Dye.png Wine Shade Dye


Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Gift of Color.png Gift of Color HLegendary ChefChef tango icon 20px.png 400
Gift of Zhaitan.png Gift of Zhaitan
Unidentified Dye.png Unidentified Dye
Pile of Crystalline Dust.png Pile of Crystalline Dust
Opal Orb.png Opal Orb
Multicolored Ooze Tonic.png Multicolored Ooze Tonic (x3) DMasterwork ArtificerArtificer tango icon 20px.png 400
Omnomberry.png Omnomberry
Jug of Water.png Jug of Water
Unidentified Dye.png Unidentified Dye
Pile of Crystalline Dust.png Pile of Crystalline Dust


  • Dye color is determined when an unidentified dye is opened, not when it's acquired.