Tome of Knowledge

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Tome of Knowledge

Item type
Style Guide
Account Bound
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Double-click to gain one level.

— In-game description


Contained in[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Location Cost
Festival Rewards Vendor Bazaar Docks, The Crown Pavilion (zone)
300 Festival Token.png


  • Using the Tome of Knowledge will grant the character one level and all associated benefits, including completing the Leveler Daily achievement. It does not keep your level progression (ex. if a character is lvl N+33% of the next level and use the tome, it won't go to LvL (N+1)+33% of the next) and instead gives 100% of the experience for that current level (ex. lvl 65 character regardless of progression in that lvl will get 115,000 experience, meaning the experience into the next lvl will be slightly lower).
  • If a level 80 character uses the tome, they will gain a skill point.
  • Cannot be used while in combat.