Tome of Knowledge

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Tome of Knowledge

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Style Guide
Account Bound
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Grants one character level if below level 80 or one spirit shard if level 80.
Only usable in PvE and WvW.

— In-game description


Contained in[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Location Cost
Festival Rewards Vendor The Crown Pavilion (zone), Grand Piazza
300 Festival Token.png
Glory Rewards Vendor Hall of Memories 20 Silver coin + 
1,500 Glory.png
Lionguard Belongings Collector Vigilant Hills, Stormbluff Isle, Bouldermouth Vale
100 Found Belonging.png
 + 30 Silver coin
Miyani Trader's Forum
20 Writ of Experience.png
Mystic Forge Attendant Divinity's Reach, Gendarran Fields, The Silverwastes, Borderlands
20 Writ of Experience.png


  • Cannot be used while in combat.
  • If a level 80 character uses the tome, they will gain a Spirit Shard.
  • Using the Tome of Knowledge will grant the character the amount of experience required to gain one level and all associated benefits. It keeps your level progression (ex. if a character is level N with 42 exp towards the next level and uses the tome, they will go to level N+1 with 42 exp towards the next level).