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Temple is a common term that players give to certain locations in the Ruins of Orr that are well-known for meta events that result in world event chests. Each location is marked on the map by a pale blue temple icon and includes an associated waypoint, Point of Interest, skill challenge, Karma Vendor, and statue. The temples are named after the Human Gods: Balthazar, Lyssa, Dwayna, Melandru and Grenth.


[edit] Access to services

Each temple area is affected by status of the local dynamic events. Many waypoints in Orr, including those within the temples, are initially contested, i.e. held by the forces of Zhaitan. This also means all statues of the corresponding god throughout Orr are corrupted by Zhaitan's influence, which can be seen as a green veil in the area near a statue; within the veil, players will suffer from an environmental effect that depends on the affected temple. Players can help the Pact to retake the temple by completing the local meta event; services, including the waypoint, are only available while the allies control the area.

[edit] The temples

[edit] Map icons

Temple (map icon).png Uncontested Temple
Contested temple (map icon).png Contested Temple
Statue uncontested.png Uncontested Statue
Statue contested.png Contested Statue

[edit] List of locations

Each temple's location is noted by the area's scout.

Meta Event Area Located in Scout
Scout (map icon).png
Karma Merchant Corruption effect(s)
Temple of Balthazar Cathedral of Glorious Victory Straits of Devastation Explorer Vorb Tactician Deathstrider Balthazar's Rage
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Malchor's Leap Explorer Sosian Lightbringer Brutefur Lyssa's Frustration
Cathedral of Zephyrs Cathedral of Zephyrs Malchor's Leap Crusader Yottz Historian Vermoth Dwayna's Lament
Temple of Melandru Cathedral of Verdance Cursed Shore Explorer Prendres Lightbringer Surefoot Melandru's Sorrow
Temple of Grenth Cathedral of Silence Cursed Shore Explorer Annalisa Keeper Jonez Deadrun Grenth's Touch

[edit] Notes

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