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Temple of Grenth

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Temple of Grenth

Graven Cay
(Cursed Shore)
Cathedral of Silence
(Cursed Shore)
Event type
Meta event
Event maps
Temple of Grenth.jpg

Temple of Grenth is a meta event that takes place in Cursed Shore. Upon completion you can access Keeper Jonez Deadrun, an exotic armor karma merchant.

[edit] Dynamic events

Initial events
Escorting Keeper Jonez Deadrun and attacking Temple of Grenth events
Defend-only event after Temple of Grenth is cleansed
Upon failure of the escort events or an attempt to attack or hold Temple of Grenth
  • The Pact are temporarily focusing on maintaining defenses at Death's Gaze Torch.
  • The Pact are defending the Lightning Cannon from attacking Orrians.
    • Event cog (map icon).png
      Defend the Pact lightning cannon (80)
      • Success:
        • After several minutes, the event chain continues with escorting Keeper Jonez Deadrun to the Temple of Grenth.
      • Failure:
        • The event chain restarts to the initial events in several minutes.
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