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Keeper Jonez Deadrun

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Keeper Jonez Deadrun is a karma merchant who sells level 80 exotic Mortal armor only after completing the Temple of Grenth meta event.


[edit] Locations

[edit] Event involvement

[edit] Items offered

Each piece of armor contains a Superior Rune of Grenth which cannot be salvaged.

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Dwayna's Salmic Charm.png Pact Medal of Recognition Accessory CFine 80 581 Karma.png
Dwayna's Salmic Charm.png Pact Medal of Recognition Accessory DMasterwork 80 1,155 Karma.png
Armageddon Greaves.png Heavy Mortal Boots Heavy Boots FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Armageddon Breastplate.png Heavy Mortal Breastplate Heavy Coat FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Armageddon Gauntlets.png Heavy Mortal Gauntlets Heavy Gloves FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Armageddon Helm.png Heavy Mortal Helm Heavy Helm FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Armageddon Leggings.png Heavy Mortal Leggings Heavy Leggings FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Armageddon Pauldrons.png Heavy Mortal Pauldrons Heavy Shoulders FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Shoes.png Light Mortal Shoes Light Boots FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Garb.png Light Mortal Garb Light Coat FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Gloves.png Light Mortal Gloves Light Gloves FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Helm.png Aurora Helm Light Helm FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Leggings.png Light Mortal Leggings Light Leggings FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Mantle.png Light Mortal Mantle Light Shoulders FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Rubicon Boots.png Medium Mortal Boots Medium Boots FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Rubicon Coat.png Medium Mortal Coat Medium Coat FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Rubicon Gloves.png Medium Mortal Gloves Medium Gloves FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Rubicon Hat.png Medium Mortal Mask Medium Helm FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Rubicon Leggings.png Medium Mortal Leggings Medium Leggings FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Rubicon Shoulderpads.png Medium Mortal Shoulderpads Medium Shoulders FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Caudecus's Journal.png Soldier's Field Guide Accessory FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Amulet.png Soldier's Amulet Amulet FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Soldier's Spineguard.png Soldier's Spineguard Back item FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Gold Ring.png Soldier's Ring Ring FExotic 80 42,000 Karma.png
Lost Orrian Jewelry Box.png Lost Orrian Jewelry Box Container FExotic - 4,550 Karma.png

[edit] Dialogue

As a karma merchant
This place sure has a lot of bones. Maybe I should start collecting skulls. Think there's a market for that?
I'd buy anything from you. Seriously, anything. What do you have there?
Talk more option tango.png
Is that what you came here for?
No. I have far more important work. I'm maintaining an arcane symbol that's going to save the world. I have to keep it functioning. I just get bored, and my mind wanders.
Talk more option tango.png
What does it do?
When I triggered it—which was no small task—I severed this temple's connection with other Grenth statues across Orr. Oh, and the ritual should also keep Risen out of here.
Talk more option tango.png
What was the connection between this temple and other Grenth statues?
Zhaitan was working through his Risen priest, here in this temple, to rouse Grenth statues across Orr to attack our troops. This was the priest's base of operations.
Talk end option tango.png
Sounds like you did some good work here, soldier.
Talk end option tango.png
Good work!
Talk end option tango.png
I'll leave you to it, then.
Talk end option tango.png
I have no idea, but good luck with that.
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