Defeat the possessed statue of Dwayna

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Defeat the possessed statue of Dwayna is a level 79 event that takes place in Cathedral of Zephyrs. It is the final event in Cathedral of Zephyrs, after which the temple remains opened and an exotic armor karma merchant becomes available for nearly two hours before the Risen Lieutenant or the Risen Priestess of Dwayna returns to reclaim the Altar of Tempests.
Historian Vermoth will disappear if his health gets depleted from any risen attacks after defeating the Statue of Dwayna, preventing players from buying karma armors, and leaving the temple improperly cleansed until reclaimed by Lieutenant Risen.


  • Statue of Dwayna
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event boss (map icon).png
  • Defeat the undead so Malchor will move on: x/16





Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 17,714
374 Karma.png 87 Copper coin
Silver 15,057
318 Karma.png 74 Copper coin
Bronze 13,286
281 Karma.png 65 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 79 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


Before event start:

Malchor the Sculptor: "I have failed you, my goddess."
Historian Vermoth: "Stand down. He's defeated. Let him speak his piece."
Malchor the Sculptor: "You asked me to carve your image so people might know you, but I could never capture your grace, your beauty."
Malchor the Sculptor: "And now the small protection I've placed upon it must fall...I've failed to protect you, my love."
Statue of Dwayna: "Yes! I can still have my revenge!"

Upon defeat

Malchor the Sculptor: "My clumsy attempts to capture your beauty were blasphemy enough, my beloved Dwayna. But letting others defile you? It goes beyond sin."
Malchor the Sculptor: "I've failed you yet again. This time, I'll leave no part of myself here."