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Objectives are areas in the Borderlands and Eternal Battlegrounds maps of World versus World that can be taken over by each world. Each objective contains a Supply Depot. There are four different kinds of objectives:


The ownership of an objective by a world (Blue, Green or Red) is displayed on the WvW map. Each objective contributes a certain amount of points towards the owning server's war score. If an objective has been claimed then a small yellow shield is superimposed over its map icon. You may view the objective upgrade status of any objective.


Objective capture NPCs (the Veteran Supervisor, Champion Tower Lord, Champion Keep Lord or Legendary Castle Lord depending on the type of objective) are powerful guards that must be defeated prior to capturing an objective in World versus World. They are invulnerable and have a significant damage boost for three minutes after the objective is captured.

After an objective capture NPC is defeated, a circle appears on the ground. You must maintain control of this circle without any enemy entering for 30 seconds to capture an objective. It may not be necessary to kill remaining guards outside the circle to capture an objective. After an objective is captured:

  • An announcement of the capture is seen by every player in the zone.
  • The objective may be claimed by a guild by speaking to the quartermaster.
  • All guards are restored to their initial state with the exception of enemy dolyaks in resource camps.
  • All prior upgrades are removed, walls and gates are repaired.
  • The banners around the object change to the color of the world that has captured the objective.
  • Timers begin to unlock automatic objective upgrades.


Objectives can be claimed by a guild. Claiming puts the guild's emblem onto the banners hanging from the objective. Auras, Improvements and Tactics, if slotted (configured), may benefit the objective's defenses and players near the objective. A guild may claim a maximum of one objective at a time per map.



  • Prior to the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, objectives were called structures. They could be upgraded through spending coin and supply on structure upgrades, as opposed to the current time-based free upgrades.
  • Formerly, speaking to the main defender after capture was required to claim an objective.
  • Formerly, the quartermaster was the only user interface for objective upgrades.