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Malchor the Sculptor

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"When the gods Balthazar, Dwayna, Grenth, Kormir[sic], Lyssa and Melandru arrived in Tyria, it was impossible, because of their divine nature, to appear before human eyes without blinding them.

Thus they decided to fetch a sculptor, so that he could shape statues in their image.

When the eyes of the sculptor Malchor, fell upon the face of Dwayna, his heart was instantly filled with a pure and unconditional love. It became impossible for him to turn down any of Dwayna's requests. And thus the creation of the statues was commenced.

One after another, the gods presented themselves in his studio and for each one Malchor carved a statue in their image. Once a statue was finished, the God returned to the city of Arah, where no human could enter.

So it was that Dwayna finally entered the studio of the sculptor. Malchor sublimated his art so that all the grace and beauty of the Goddess radiated from his statue. And as long as he worked on the statue, as long could he enjoy the infinite happiness which the presence of Dwayna gave him.

Alas then came the fateful moment when the statue was completed, and where the goddess would leave for Arah. Unable to bear the despair that grasped him when the figure of the goddess had disappeared from the horizon; he threw himself from a cliff.

The place where Malchor lost his life now bears his name: the Strait of Malchor."

— The Story of Malchor And Dwayna[1]

Malchor the Sculptor was a sculptor who created the original statues of the Six Human Gods. He was given the task by Dwayna, and accepted out of his love for her, having fallen for the goddess of life the moment he saw her. Malchor only looked upon each god for a few moments before he went to make their statue, limiting his loss of vision as much as possible so that he could make it through to the end of his task.[2] He saved sculpting Dwayna's statue for last, so that he could spend as much time as possible on it. When he finished the statue, he had become blind, but managed to complete his work perfectly and the statue was placed at Dwayna's temple in Orr, the Cathedral of Zephyrs.

However, Malchor did not believe his work to be a proper representation of Dwayna's beauty, and attempted to re-create a statue time and time again, and even placing a seal around the statue in Dwayna's temple. His quest to perfectly represent Dwayna in stone and being unable to see her again led him to insanity, eventually causing him to jump off a cliff near the temple, now called Sculptor's End. His restless spirit remains in Orr, untainted by Zhaitan's corruption, and now even more agonized at having seen his love's temple and statues desecrated by the risen.


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  • Although the original source puts Kormir along with the other gods, she was not a god at the time that Malchor lived and he did not make her statue.
  • During Cathedral of Zephyrs events, Malchor's cry for Dwayna can be heard throughout the explorable zone of Malchor's Leap.

[edit] References

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