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Cadem Forest

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Cadem Forest

Complete heart (map icon).png
Waypoint (map icon).png
Point of interest.png

Cadem Forest map.jpg
Map of Cadem Forest

Cadem Forest locator.svg
Location within Plains of Ashford

Watchcrag Tower.jpg
Watchcrag Tower

Cadem Forest lies on the eastern edge of the Plains of Ashford, leading to the Blazeridge Steppes. It holds the ogre's furthest advances to the east at Stonecrag Kraal.


[edit] Locations

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png
Help Androchus the Hidden (14)
Waypoint (map icon).png
Duskrend Waypoint
Waypoint (map icon).png
Watchcrag Waypoint
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Stonecrag Kraal
Cadem Forest Vista
Reached by using the waypoint to the NW and walking to the Vista.
Event swords (map icon).png
Drive the ogres from their watchtower by killing their scouts (13)
Event shield (map icon).png
Protect the demolition team (13)
Event shield (map icon).png
Drive off the ogres attacking Watchcrag Tower (14)
Event flag (map icon).png
[Group Event] Capture Stonecrag Kraal (15)
Event flag (map icon).png
Defend Stonecrag Kraal (15)
To access this chest, travel northwest of the spawn point to the mountain edge, there is a small tunnel connecting between the two mountains and a few ogres walking around. Possibility of a skritt world quest and multiple drops

[edit] NPCs

Ahneta Duskclaw
Cararea Smokescreen
Hundrun Lashwhip
Myldurn Bellywhip

[edit] Vendors

Androchus the Hidden
Armorsmith (map icon).png
Fibulus the Quick
Napea Scaldburn
Weaponsmith (map icon).png
Scarra Clawstrike

[edit] Pets

Juvenile Red Moa
Juvenile Whiptail Devourer

[edit] Foes

Ogre Brute
Ogre Hunter

[edit] Objects

Sniper Rifle
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