White Mantle Savant

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White Mantle Savants can be found in the remains of Aurora Glade.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Heals
  • Arc Lightning Arc Lightning - Cast an arc of electricity at your foe.
  • Gust Gust - Push foes backward with a burst of air.
  • Lightning Storm (Glyph of Storms skill) Lightning Storm (Glyph of Storms skill) - Glyph. Create a lightning storm at the targeted area.  Damage is reduced per target each time foes are struck by this skill.
Stolen skills


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Name Type Rarity Quantity
Pile of Shimmering Dust.png Pile of Shimmering Dust Crafting material Fine 1
Pile of Metal Scrap.png Pile of Metal Scrap Trophy, Salvage item Basic 1