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Hello, my name is Sylen Westerling. Freelance naturalist from Claypool. I often travel close and far to discover and describe the many plants, animals and creatures of the natural world. Always looking for work! I survey area's, describe the flora and fauna and perhaps the people if necessary.

Taken during an expedition into the Orrian lands
Recently surveying the Brand

Current Naturalistic Studies[edit]

  • Longhorn Sheep and Longhorn Rams. What causes their fur differentiation? The brownish variant mostly wanders around Kryta. But I've spotted them too around False Lake in the Shiverpeaks. Is it the height? The more moderate temperatures?
  • Siamoth. Are they odd-toed ungulates even though they are classified as porcine? That group only has even-toed ungulates. Do the wooly variants have longer tusks to be able to penetrate the frozen soil better/scoop away the snow?
  • Shadhavar. What is the use of their horn? What does the color difference signify?
  • Pinipal. How do they hunt with no or very tiny/rudimentary eyes? Echo location? (unlikely due to the fact that they do hunt on land, and have no visible ears either. Underwater hunting could be done without external ear shells). Possibly vibration/electric detection on water/land?
  • Griffons. Possible connection of the way the different species attract a mate and decorate their nests? How do the Hawkeye Griffons and the Harpies communicate?
  • Rock Gazelle and Rock Dog. What is their relation?
  • Are Arid Dolyaks a different species than Shiverpeak Dolyaks?

Religious Studies[edit]

Anthropological Studies[edit]




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