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Brendan / Brendan12303 / B Knob.3794

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About me...[edit]

My real name is Brendan, but you can call me Brendan. I'm 20 years
old and currently residing in Cananda, and that's about all I'll give
as far as my location as I don't like disclosing that online.
Feel free to chat with me in game,
I'm always looking to meet new people, or their online
persona I suppose, lol.

In game...[edit]

I am an active, male, Guild Wars 1 and 2 player. I'm not sure
when i started playing, but my friend bought me the
game (all of them actually) right before the release of EotN
and i've been playing since.

As stated I've been playing GW1 since EotN
and got GW2 as a gift.
I'm a very casual player, as in I don't
do the hardcore pvp or do the pve runs to
farm stuff. I just play around when I'm bored
to amuse myself most of the time and help
others if need be. If you wanna play or
chat together just hit me up in game
(my ID is B Knob.3794), I'm always willing to
talk to open minded people about pretty
much anything. That's all for now I
guess, not a lot more about me as far as GW goes.


In Game: B Knob.3794