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Collection items[edit]

Mastery Level
Gliding Stealth (4)
Itzel Language (2)
Exalted Gathering (5)
Nuhoch Stealth Detection (4)
Item Acquisition Done?
Tempest's Warhorn.png Tempest's Warhorn Unlock Tempest specialization.
Dust Cloud.png Dust Cloud Dropped by Dust Mites. X
Lightning Jar.png Bottled Stormwind Sold by Creator Zee on Stormbluff Isle.
Mystic Caller.png Mystic Caller Crafted in the Mystic Forge.
Saurian Roar.png Saurian Roar Dropped by Saurian enemies found throughout Magus Falls. X
Recipe sheet ascended inscription.png Tempest's Inscription Purchased for crystalline ore earned in Dragon's Stand.
Adventure reward bronze.png Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle: Bronze Earn silver or gold in the Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle adventure.
Gift of Hidden Descent.png Gift of Hidden Descent Stealth glide with an elementalist. Requires Stealth Gliding.
Memoirs of Captain Greywind.png Itzel Singing Techniques Purchased from Itzel Mastery Vendors for 300  Airship Part.png Airship Part + 15 Silver coin 36 Copper coin.
Auric Sharpening Stone.png Tempest's Auric Sharpening Stone Found on ore nodes in Auric Basin. Requires Exalted Gathering.
Delicious Cave Spore.png Invisible Tempest's Mushroom Spore Defeat a Treasure Mushroom. Requires Nuhoch Stealth Detection. X
Tempest's Loop.png Tempest's Loop Fully train Tempest specialization.
Piece of Elementalist Gear.png Elementalist's Cache Complete a map in Magus Falls with an elementalist.
Machined Warhorn.png Machined Warhorn Complete the Machined Warhorn collection.