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Exalted Gathering

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Exalted Gathering.png

Exalted Gathering

Heart of Thorns mastery point

Heart of Thorns
Exalted Lore

Before completion: Learn from the Exalted how to gather rare materials around the Maguuma Jungle. Learn to mine up Auric Slivers from ore nodes in Auric Basin

After completion: When mining ore while in Auric Basin, you will gain Auric Slivers in addition to normal materials. You also have a chance to mine special items from ore nodes all around the Heart of Maguuma.

— In-game description

Exalted Gathering is the fifth and final tier of the Exalted Lore mastery track. It requires 8 Heart of Maguuma mastery points and 3,302,000 experience points to unlock.

It has two effects: