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There with Yakkington: A Travelers Tale Prologue

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There with Yakkington- A Travelers Tale Prologue.png

There with Yakkington: A Travelers Tale Prologue

Item type
Zinn's Prize Student
Account Bound
Silver coin 98 Copper coin
Game link

This item only has value as part of a collection.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Zinn's Print-o-Matic Zinn's Print-o-Matic Rata Novus Tangled Depths 25 Ley Line Crystal.png


When used, the text reads:
When Professor Yakkington and I left our home, I anticipated a good deal of danger. I couldn't possibly have expected everything that occurred.
Take, for example, the misunderstanding between Rotscale and Yakkington in Majesty's Rest. We had no interest in tomb robbing, but frankly, diplomacy isn't really an option with the undead.
Then there was our short period of enslavement by the Stone Summit. If it weren't for a dredge slave uprising, We would still be shuttling materials deep in Sorrow's Furnace.
Still, nothing compares to our trip to the Ring of Fire Islands! Not only did we end up in the shadow of an active volcano, we also arrived during the Titan assault against the Mursaat.
It wasn't all screaming and terror. If it were, Yakkington would have gone on strike! I recall gazing at the stars above the Maguuma, wondering what became of the druids.
We spent time gazing at the majesty of Augury Rock, wondering what trials awaited those who sought ascension.
Truly, even with all the trials, tribulations, and near misses, I wouldn't change a day. It's our journeys that define us. I'm certain my old friend Yakkington feels the same.