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Elona: Land of the Golden Sun

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Elona: Land of the Golden Sun

Item type
Zinn's Prize Student
Account Bound
Silver coin 98 Copper coin
Game link

This item only has value as part of a collection.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Zinn's Print-o-Matic Rata Novus Tangled Depths
25 Ley Line Crystal.png


When used, the text reads:
The land of Elona lies to the southeast of the Crystal Desert, comprised of three provinces and the inhospitable sulfuric wastes known as the Desolation.
To the south lies the island province of Istan. Known for its massive navy, the Istani patrol the waters to stop hostile corsairs preying on merchant vessels.
North of Istan lies Kourna. This militaristic province is recovering from the defeat and death of their leader, Warmaster Varesh Ossa, to servants of the fallen god Abbadon
The final province of Elona is named Vabbi. Wealthy and cultured, Vabbi is ruled by clanmarshals, also referred to as princes.
To the west of Vabbi lies the Desolation. Home to the undead king Palawa Joko, no mortal can survive the sulfurous wastes.