Balthazar's Trident

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The Balthazar's Trident was a royal galleon of Kryta, and by Cobiah Marriner's estimations the biggest ship in the world as of 1256 AE. She took part in the Great Krytan Blockade, and was crucial in the defeat of two Orrian xebecs.


The Balthazar's Trident was a heavy, broad hulk of a ship. She was the very picture of great wealth, with gleaming brass railings, lily-white sails, and carved ornamentation on every door, hatch, and railing. The ship's name was plated in gold, blazoned in two-foot-high lettering beneath the balcony of her stern galley. The figurehead on the prow was the human god of war after whom the ship was named. Twice as large as any other figurehead in the fleet, the statue portrayed him from the waist up as if in battle, raising a brass trident challengingly toward the sky. The ship had four great masts, so large that the trees themselves must have been over a hundred years old, positioned in a straight line from fore to rear along her deck and rigged with a thick span of interconnecting lines that made up her superstructure. A massive golden crown had been embroidered on her forward jib sail, and a series of fifty-foot-long gold-and-green pennants spun from the high points of her mastheads. She even dwarfed the Indomitable.