Pavilion Pursuit: Reach the finish line!

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Pavilion Pursuit: Reach the finish line!

Event maps
Pavilion Pursuit map.jpg

Pavilion Pursuit: Reach the finish line! is a mount race event that occurs around the The Crown Pavilion.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 10:00



Use the Raptor or Jackal mounts to quickly travel over flat sections. Taking damage from the numerous enemies that litter the race path and getting dismounted will put the rider in combat for a long period of time and unable to mount. Try to weave around enemies and damage fields or use the Jackal's Enhanced Evasion to evade hits. If you have the Jackal mastery Adroit Evasion unlocked, all mounts will be able to evade using their relevant movement ability. Conserve endurance when possible to be able to skip large groups. The Bond of Life mastery from A Bug in the System can be used to gain temporary health on the mount at a critical moment. In the pirate section, consider dismounting and using the Griffon or Springer to traverse the narrow walkways more easily.




Jule: And the Pavilion Pursuit is off! Good luck, and watch out for those beasties around the arena!


  • Successfully completing the race within 2 minutes awards the Ace Racer.png Ace Racer effect, increasing Magic Find by 25% for 15 minutes while in The Crown Pavilion.
  • It is possible to finish the race multiple times in the time limit on a mount, getting credit towards Ace Racer for each completion.
  • Before 2019, the time allowed for this race was only 5 minutes.

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