Pavilion Pursuit: A race is starting soon!

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Pavilion Pursuit: A race is starting soon!

Pavilion Pursuit: A race is starting soon! is a preparation phase for a mount race event that occurs in the The Crown Pavilion. It starts each time after the Boss Blitz meta event is finished.


  • Speak with the race organizer to participate in the upcoming race.
  • Make sure to be in the starting area when the race begins to prevent being disqualified.
  • The race will begin in: 2:00


See: Pavilion Pursuit: Reach the finish line!#Walkthrough




Jule: Ready your mount! The Pavilion Pursuit is starting soon. Come talk to me and I can get you registered for the race!


  • Players that have successfully registered for the race will have the Registered effect.
  • Players that do not own any mount can rent one for 10 silver from the Mount Trainer NPC.
This event sometimes awards 3  Racing Medallion.png Racing Medallions, even to non-participating players that are nearby.