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Spearmarshal's Lament (instance)

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Spearmarshal's Lament

Yahnur Plateau
(Domain of Vabbi)

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Spearmarshal's Lament is the final step in unlocking the griffon mount.

Getting there[edit]

Interact with the plinths circling the statue of Kormir at the Sunspear Sanctuary after completing Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom. Party members may not enter the instance with you, thus you must complete it solo.

The champion will summon energy fields of AoE damage and receive the tar shield effect in the fight at 75%, 50%, and 25% health, making him immune to all damage. Mount up on a Griffon and use its swoop ability to dispel the shield and the energy fields.







At the beginning of the instance
Awakened Soldier: I smell prey.
<Character Name>: Look out!
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: (laugh) No Sunspear can escape the Mordant Crescent for long.
<Character Name>: I won't let you touch them.
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: Are you truly bold enough to challenge the Mordant Crescent?
<Character Name>: I may not be a Sunspear, but I promise you a challenge.
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: Your defiance counts for nothing, here at the end of things.
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: One by one, your order will fall.
After defeating the Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch
The Last Spearmarshal: You've done much to help the Sunspears. You are now one of them in all but name.
The Last Spearmarshal: This sanctuary you've built will serve as a beacon of hope for our beleaguered order.
The Last Spearmarshal: I thank you. The Sunspears thank you. And the griffons thank you.
The Last Spearmarshal: Your griffon will fly to you, wherever and whenever you call.
The Last Spearmarshal: Through its eyes, I will watch over you both.
The Last Spearmarshal: Now go. Take us into battle once again.

Related achievements[edit]

There is a chance after completing the Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom collection that the pedestals at the Sunspear Sanctuary will not provide the appropriate dialogue to finish this achievement. There seems to be a point of interest just before the pedestals, making interacting with them a bit tricky and confusing. Move as far to the statue as possible