Onyx Lion weapon skins

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Onyx Lion weapon skins are a set of weapon skins obtained from the Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice, which is contained in selected Gem Store style packages.

Weapon skins[edit]

Item Type Item link
Main hand
Onyx Lion Axe.png Onyx Lion Axe Skin Axe
Onyx Lion Dagger.png Onyx Lion Dagger Skin Dagger
Onyx Lion Mace.png Onyx Lion Mace Skin Mace
Onyx Lion Pistol.png Onyx Lion Pistol Skin Pistol
Onyx Lion Scepter.png Onyx Lion Scepter Skin Scepter
Onyx Lion Sword.png Onyx Lion Sword Skin Sword
Off hand
Onyx Lion Focus.png Onyx Lion Focus Skin Focus
Onyx Lion Shield.png Onyx Lion Shield Skin Shield
Onyx Lion Torch.png Onyx Lion Torch Skin Torch
Onyx Lion Warhorn.png Onyx Lion Warhorn Skin Warhorn
Onyx Lion Greatsword.png Onyx Lion Greatsword Skin Greatsword
Onyx Lion Hammer.png Onyx Lion Hammer Skin Hammer
Onyx Lion Longbow.png Onyx Lion Longbow Skin Longbow
Onyx Lion Rifle.png Onyx Lion Rifle Skin Rifle
Onyx Lion Short Bow.png Onyx Lion Short Bow Skin Short bow
Onyx Lion Staff.png Onyx Lion Staff Skin Staff


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