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Skyclad Mushrooms

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Skyclad Mushrooms

Skyclad Mushrooms.jpg

Modri Caverns
(Domain of Istan)
Part of
Mehdi's Grog
Skyclad Mushroom
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Location and alternate path

Skyclad Mushrooms are a component of Mehdi's Grog. These grow in only one place on Istan - in a cavern with a natural skylight.

Gathering results[edit]


Crystal Desert


  • The garden of mushrooms can be found near the Skylight Vault point of interest. They have no nameplate, only a quest marker.
  • It is possible to use a Springer to climb the cliffs outside of Skylight Vault, though it would be much easier to use a Griffon. Once on top of the mesa, look for a small crack in the ground near the point of interest.
  • An alternate route is to enter the area through an opening on a high ledge east of The Skimming Stone. From there, head southeast along the southern wall. Towards the end are several ledges with Volatile Magic nodes indicating the way. If you haven't mastered Volatile Magic Resonance, these will knock you off of the platforms, so make sure you have unlocked the mastery.