List of scouts in the Ruins of Orr

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A list of scouts in the Ruins of Orr region. Since there are no Renown Hearts in Orr, the scouts here point out certain meta events which occur on this map and give insight into the tactical operations of the Pact.

Straits of Devastation[edit]

Scout • Area Meta Events Notes Level
Crusader KalanBramble Pass
(upon entering area from Sparkfly Fen)
None Points towards Fort Trinity 71
Crusader HeavybladeFort Trinity
(the Western-most scout of the three)
Northern Invasion of Orr Provides directions to Stentor Cannonade 71
Tactician FalxFort Trinity
(the Northern-most scout of the three)
Central Invasion of Orr Provides directions to Armada Harbor 71
Crusader HuygFort Trinity
(the Southern-most scout of the three)
Southern Invasion of Orr Provides directions to Thunderhead Battery 71
Explorer VorbTriumph Plaza
(at the Point of interest (map icon).pngPact Rally Point)
Temple of Balthazar Scouts the Assault on the Temple of Balthazar phase of the Temple of Balthazar meta event 75

Malchor's Leap[edit]

Scout • Area Meta Events Notes Level
Explorer MilexTheater of Delight
(At Point of interest (map icon).pngPagga's Post)
Pact troops, move out! Provides directions to the Eastern Colonnade waypoint 75-76
The Road to Ruin Provides directions to the Valley of Lyss waypoint 77-78
The Path to Arah Provides directions to the Wren waypoint 78-79
Explorer SosianGarden of Ilya
(SE of Waypoint (map icon).png Wren Waypoint)
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Points out the Temple of Lyssa. 78
Crusader YottzKarst Plains
(NE corner of Karst Plains)
Cathedral of Zephyrs Informs the player of the Temple of Dwayna. Tends to be found defeated due to Risen in the area 79

Cursed Shore[edit]

Scout • Area Meta Events Notes Level
Explorer AnnalisaThe Shipyard
(on the jetty south-west of Meddler's Summit)
Temple of Grenth Points to the Altar of Murdered Dreams waypoint 80
Explorer JochemWinterknell Shore
(Near Gavbeorn's Landing)
Temple of Melandru Found standing by the guard tower on top of a coral formations 80
Explorer PrendesCompass Plaza
(found in the guard tower in Meddler's Summit)
Gates of Arah Directions to Shank Anchorage and the Gates of Arah 80
Tactician DesideriusPursuit Pass
(by Caer Shadowfain)
Pact Operation Southern Advancement Points to Village Sayix POI and the tunnel south 80