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Hidden chest (Spirit Vale)

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Hidden chest

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Loot finder map.jpg

Location of the hidden chests in Spirit Vale.

There are four Hidden chests are scattered around Spirit Vale.


Heart of Maguuma

Chest locations[edit]

Locations as ordered by the achievement hints.

# Picture Hint Notes
1 Loot Finder (Chest 1).jpg Greed will be your undoing. The first chest is found under the ledge just west of the Abandoned Outpost, where you jump off for the event to escape the ghost wall.
2 Loot Finder (Up top chest).jpg You'll miss it the first time. To reach the second chest, use the Bouncing Mushroom south of the exit to the Spirit Woods, before Gorseval's Perch. From there, glide south onto the chest located on top of a pillar.
3 Loot Finder (Torch chest).jpg The prize before the fight. This third chest is located on the small pedestal before the Bouncing Mushroom leading to the second chest. It will only appear if you successfully bring the spectral torch from the Abandoned Outpost through the spirit woods during the event to escape the ghost wall and light the brazier next to the pedestal. See the Keep the Lights On achievement.
4 Loot Finder (Post Sabetha).jpg If you can't stand the heat... The last chest is located next to the cooking station past The Skillet, in the bandit tree fort. To reach this chest, Sabetha must be defeated.



  • Opening all four possible chests is required for the achievement Loot Finder.

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