Herder Avirras

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Herder Avirras can be found in Cragstead.



What's with the face? You look like you've never seen a charr in a homestead before.
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I've just never seen a charr herd dolyak.
I wrangled marmoxes back in Diessa Plateau. Dolyaks are hairier and smellier but more or less the same.
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How did you end up here?
The Molten Alliance burned down my outpost, killing my warband. I became a gladium and a refugee. The Citadel treated me like scum, so I came here. In Cragstead, I'm respected. I'm equal.
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Why Cragstead over Southsun Cove?
I hate sand. Mats up my fur, makes me sweat. Plus, Cragstead brews its own specialty bear
. Its no charr whiskey, but that stout of their smacks of home.
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I see. Good-bye.
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Sounds like everything worked out.
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I suppose so.
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It's no big deal. Bye.