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Emissary Chest

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Emissary Chests are chests found in the Eye of the North. They can be opened only once per week, and are reset weekly.

Prophet Crystals[edit]

The chest may be opened with 1 to 3 Prophet Crystals, which are earned by completing daily strikes or exchanging Prophet Shards. The more crystals used to open the chest, the better the loot.

Three variants of the Emissary Chest exist - one for each of the three orders. Each order requires its own crystal color to open the chest. Each week at weekly reset it changes to a different order's chest, changing the color requirement of the crystals.

Emissary chest Crystal required Emissary Arrives
Priory Emissary Chest Green Prophet Crystal.png Green Prophet Crystal Durmand Priory Emissary Currently present
Vigil Emissary Chest Blue Prophet Crystal.png Blue Prophet Crystal Vigil Emissary 26 April 2021
Whispers Emissary Chest Red Prophet Crystal.png Red Prophet Crystal Order of Whispers Emissary 3 May 2021
Priory Emissary Chest Green Prophet Crystal.png Green Prophet Crystal Durmand Priory Emissary 10 May 2021

The present emissary changes every Monday 07:30 and with them the crystals required to open the chest.
Click here to purge the server cache, this forces the server to update the contents.


  • The Emissary Chest has 5 orbs hovering above it. Each refers to a certain strike mission or set of strike missions.
  • Orbs will initially be labeled as "Hum" and will light up if the corresponding strike mission has been completed since the last time you opened the chest, after which they will become labeled "Echo".
  • Lighting up each orb will add an extra container drop from the Emissary Chest, allowing an extra roll on loot from the respective strike mission.
    • The quality of containers depends on the amount of Prophet Crystals spent, with 1 Crystal spent for Faint Echo containers, 2 Crystals for Echo and 3 Crystals for Strong Echo containers.
  • Opening the chest will result in all "Echo" orbs resetting back to "Hum" orbs. If you complete any strike again after opening the weekly chest, you will again receive "Echo" next week.
Hum/Echo Strike(s) Containers
Steel Forging Steel FaintEchoStrong
Raven Any 1 of:
Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen
Fraenir of Jormag
Cold Cold War FaintEchoStrong
Shiverpeaks Shiverpeaks Pass FaintEchoStrong
Whisper Whisper of Jormag FaintEchoStrong