Assault Foulbear Kraal by killing its leaders before the ogres can rally

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Assault Foulbear Kraal by killing its leaders before the ogres can rally

Interactive map

Interactive map

Assault Foulbear Kraal by killing its leaders before the ogres can rally is a level 34 group event that occurs in Hunter's Gorge.


  • Foulbear Weapon Master
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Kill the Foulbear Master Trainer
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Ogre army rallies in: 13:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,662 Experience.png 171 Karma.png 40 Copper coin
Silver 1,412 Experience.png 146 Karma.png 34 Copper coin
Bronze 1,246 Experience.png 129 Karma.png 30 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 34 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Charr side[edit]

At Bloodgorge Watch Camp
Maybri Shadowstalker: Legionnaire! Troops from the summit are ready to march on Foulbear Kraal.
Legionnaire Riptooth: Excellent. I'll send reinforcements once we secure our position here.
Maybri Shadowstalker: It's time these ogres learned their place. To Foulbear Kraal!
At the north gate
Legionnaire Slashclaw: The ogres have advanced too far! Today we crush their resolve and bury them in shallow graves!
Legionnaire Slashclaw: We will have to strike hard and fast before they have time to rally their army!
When the gate is opened
Legionnaire Slashclaw: We cracked their line! We'll hold them here. The rest of you, kill that guard leader.
When the Weapon Master is dead
Legionnaire Slashclaw: Eliminate their pet support. Kill their trainer. Move it!
Event succeed
Legionnaire Slashclaw: Stay sharp. Operation Orgefall isn't over yet.
Legionnaire Slashclaw: I want mortars positioned facing the camp now!

Human side[edit]

At Sapper's Delve
Vanguard Scout Finley: Sir, orders from Ebonhawke. They want to move against Foulbear Kraal now.
Commander Neal: What? We're not ready! We barely have the forces to hold here!
Commander Neal: Very well. Finley, pick your best people. You're gonna have to make it count out there.
Vanguard Scout Finley: Yes, sir!
Vanguard Scout Finley: Anyone who wants to teach those ogres in Foulbear Kraal a lesson follow me!
At the south gate
Captain Gregory: Today, we bring glory to the Vanguard. We will halt the ogre aggression and crush their chieftain.
Captain Gregory: Remember, Ebonhawke is cheering for you. Fight for them! Fight for your land! Fight for your future!
Captain Gregory: Don't let up your assault, or the ogres will rally an army to push us back!
When the gate is opened
Captain Gregory: We'll hold the ogres here. Second squads, move up and take down their defensive leader!
When the Weapon Master is dead
Captain Gregory: Make sure you take out their trainers and claim their pet stables!
Event success
Captain Gregory: Well done! Check your gear and get ready. There's a lot more fighting left to do.
On success if BOTH sides are present
Captain Gregory: Slashclaw, last time I saw you, you were trying to break Ebonhawke. Good to see you finally found a "city" you could take.
Legionnaire Slashclaw: Keep laughing, mouse. Without us, your worthless town would be thick with ogres.
Captain Gregory: Hmm, interesting. You're admitting the ogres could do what the charr couldn't.
Legionnaire Slashclaw: Next time, ask your gods to protect you. Oh, wait. Never mind. (laugh)


Maybri Shadowstalker will get stuck outside the northern entrance to Hunter's Gorge and block this event from starting if Legionnaire Slashclaw or the other charr that travel with her are killed on their way to Foulbear Kraal.
  • This event can be obtained either by helping the charr capture Bloodgorge Watch, or by helping the Ebon Vanguard capture Sapper's Delve, or both. In both cases, an NPC will arrive on site after the Capture event to propose this event for a few seconds. If nobody activates the NPC at that time, the Defend event will occur and this event will then follow it. The trigger NPCs are Maybri Shadowstalker for the charr and Vanguard Scout Finley for the humans.
    • Occasionally the trigger NPC won't spawn after the assault event, which suggests there is minimum amount of time for the chain to reset.
  • For the next event to start, the attacking side's NPCs (human or charr) need to be out of combat. If any have been defeated, they may need to be revived.
    • On the charr side: look for Maybri Shadowstalker and Legionnaire Slashclaw near the northern gate.
    • On the human side: look for Vanguard Scout Finley and Captain Gregory near the southern gate.