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Skill point

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Skill points Skill point.png are the mechanism through which characters learn slot skills.

[edit] Acquisition

1 skill point is earned for each of the following:

5 skill points are earned for:

[edit] Usage

To spend skill points, open the Hero panel, select the Skills and Traits tab on the left, then select Slot Skills. Each locked skill will display its skill point cost, ranging from 1 skill point for tier 1 utility skills up to 30 skill points for tier 2 elite skills. Click on the skill to select it, then click on the "Confirm" button to unlock the skill.

Healing skills
Position Skill points
1st profession skill Free
2nd profession skill 1 Skill point.png
3rd profession skill
Racial skills
3 Skill point.png
Utility skills
Tier Skill points
1 1 Skill point.png
2 3 Skill point.png
3 6 Skill point.png
Elite skills
Tier Skill points
1 10 Skill point.png
2 30 Skill point.png

[edit] Crafting

Skill points can also be spent at Miyani to obtain materials for the Mystic Forge.

Item Qty Cost
Bloodstone Shard.png Bloodstone Shard 1 200 Skill point.png
Eldritch Scroll.png Eldritch Scroll 1 50 Skill point.png
Augur's Stone.png Augur's Stone 1 20 Skill point.png
Crystal.png Crystal 5 3 Skill point.png
Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone 10 1 Skill point.png
Siege Masters Guide.png Siege Masters Guide 1 1 Skill point.png

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