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A skill challenge is a task that, when completed, rewards characters with a skill point. Skill challenges are locked for new accounts until a character reaches level 13.

Completing all of an area's skill challenges is one of the four requirements to earning the corresponding explorer achievement. You will also gain 1 point towards your Skillful achievement track.


There are several types of Skill Challenges:

  • Direct combat — defeat a single foe (usually an initially friendly one, who offers the challenge).
  • Horde combat — battle a veteran and several weaker enemies; usually summoned by activating an object.
  • Item challenges — an interactive object will give an item that can be consumed to receive a skill point; often located in hard to reach areas.
  • Communing with a place of power.
  • Dialog - during a conversation with an NPC, choose the correct answers from a given selection of possible answers.


Communing is the act of binding with, or gaining unique and powerful knowledge from, an object or "place of power", which is a place emanating magical power, such as sacred objects or areas of certain tribes, or possessing historical significance in Guild Wars lore. Places of power are frequently guarded by a Veteran enemy, which does not have to be defeated, but which can interfere and interrupt the channeling process, which requires a certain time to complete to gain the skill point.

List of skill challenges[edit]

Skill challenges in World vs World[edit]

Location Area Level Skill challenge
Eboneigh Territory Green Borderlands --- Consume Centaur Feed
Hero's Lodge Green Borderlands 80 Defeat the Spider Queen
Neuskrittia Green Borderlands --- Commune with the Skritt Shiny
Blackwicker Territory Red Borderlands 80 Defeat the Centaur Chief
Chitaritta Red Borderlands --- Consume Skritt Stew
Victor's Lodge Red Borderlands --- Commune with Mysterious Energy
Brownmane Territory Blue Borderlands --- Commune with Centaur Totem
Champion's Demense Blue Borderlands --- Consume Spider Egg
Chitterogg Blue Borderlands 80 Defeat the Skritt King
Darkrait Inlet Eternal Battlegrounds --- Commune with Krait Reliquary
Molevek Works Eternal Battlegrounds --- Commune with Dredge Furnace
Orgath Uplands Eternal Battlegrounds --- Commune with Harpy Nesting Grounds
Stonemist Castle Eternal Battlegrounds --- Commune with Heart of Stone

Map icons[edit]

Skill point empty.png Uncompleted.
Skill point.png Completed.


It is impossible to gain more than the one intended skill-point from item challenges by stockpiling them in the account vault/bank, as consuming any of the same item (Cuatl Tonic, for example) a second time will cause it to simply disappear with no additional skill-point earnt.

In the text boxes for the various skill challenges throughout the map, there are differing icons to start the "communing" ones: a green check mark, a green arrow, or sometimes the crossed swords icon indicating the beginning of a fight with that particular NPC.


  • At one point during development, there were skill challenges in major cities such as Rata Sum.
  • There were 183 skill challenges during the first Beta Weekend Event, 176 during the second, 187 during the third, and 199 skill challenges during the August 2nd stress test.
  • As of the August 9th Stress Test there were 201 Skill Challenges.
  • As of the August 15th Stress Test there were 203 Skill Challenges.
  • As of launch day, 28th August 2012, there were 202 Skill Challenges.