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The jaguar is a silent predator, capable of sneaking up on an unsuspecting foe and unleashing a deadly ambush. When not rending prey with their claws, jaguars also enjoy playing with colorful fabrics and shiny objects.

— Acht

Juvenile Jaguars are amphibious pets that can be charmed by rangers.

Pet skills and attributes[edit]

Jaguar pets use the following skills:

Juvenile Jaguar skills
Skill slot Skill Description
Common to the feline family
Maul (feline).png
Slash at your foe, leaving them vulnerable.
Bite (feline).png
Bite your foe for heavy damage.
Maul (feline).png
Slash a foe multiple times and make them bleed.
Gain stealth.

At level 80, juvenile jaguar pets have the following default attributes:

Power Power 1,524
Precision Precision 2,211
Toughness Toughness 1,524
Vitality Vitality 2,211
Ferocity Ferocity 0
Healing Power Healing Power 0
Condition Damage Condition Damage 1,000
Agony Resistance Agony Resistance 0


Maguuma Jungle
The Mists


  • In the game, all Jaguars are black. This colour variant is, however, fairly rare in real life.