Juvenile Wolf

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the animal companion. For the hostile NPC, see Wolf. For information on the norn spirit, see Wolf Spirit.
Juvenile Wolf.png

Juvenile Wolf

This wolf is a deadly predator, with powerful jaws and a howl that sends foes fleeing in terror. Pack is everything for a wolf, and they will fight tirelessly for their alpha.

— Acht

Juvenile Wolves are terrestrial pets that can be charmed by rangers.

Pet skills and attributes[edit]

Wolf pets use the following skills.

Juvenile Wolf skills
Skill slot Skill Description
Common to the canine family
Bite your foe.
Crippling Leap.png
 Crippling Leap
Leap at your foe and cripple them.
Brutal Charge (canine).png
 Brutal Charge
Leap at your foe and knock them down.
Terrifying Howl.png
 Terrifying Howl
Howl at foes to send them running in fear.

At level 80, juvenile wolf pets have the following default attributes:

Power Power 1,868
Precision Precision 1,524
Toughness Toughness 2,211
Vitality Vitality 2,211
Ferocity Ferocity 0
Healing Power Healing Power 0
Condition Damage Condition Damage 400
Agony Resistance Agony Resistance 0

Juvenile brown wolves can only be found in WvW (world vs. world)


Desert Borderlands near north west camp.

Eternal Battlegrounds in Umberglade Woods not far from the supply camp there.