Juvenile Black Bear

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Juvenile Black Bear.png

Juvenile Black Bear

Black bears are territorial and private animals, but they form strong bonds with their friends and selflessly intervene when their friends are threatened. Despite their fearsome appearance, they primarily eat berries, fruit, and fish.

— Acht

Juvenile Black Bears are amphibious pets that can be charmed by rangers.

Pet skills and attributes[edit]

Black bear pets use the following skills:

Juvenile Black Bear skills
Skill slot Skill Description
Common to the bear family
Slash (bear).png
Slash your foe with your claws.
Bite (bear).png
Bite your foe and gain regeneration.
Defy Pain.png
 Defy Pain
You take no damage for the next few seconds.
Enfeebling Roar.png
 Enfeebling Roar
Roar fiercely, weakening nearby foes.
Enfeebling Maul.png
 Enfeebling Maul
Maul your foe, weakening them.

At level 80, juvenile black bear pets have the following default attributes:

Power Power 1,374
Precision Precision 1,374
Toughness Toughness 2,061
Vitality Vitality 4,809


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