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Drooburt was a quaggan beggar located in the Town of Prosperity, begging for players to donate coins to him to quench his thirst. Drooburt was killed after Mordremoth destroyed the town with vines. His body can be seen in a tangle of vines outside Martinus's bar.

His ghost returned for Halloween 2015 and 2016, appearing in Lion's Arch.



Can yoOou spare anything for a quaggan down on quaggan's luck?
Talk give option tango.png
Sure, I think I can spare a copper.
Talk give option tango.png
Would a silver help get you out of the sandstorms?
Talk give option tango.png
This gold should ensure that you stay thoroughly moistened.
Talk end option tango.png
Sorry, I don't have any spare change on me.


(cough) (moan)
Quaggan is soOoo thirsty.
Spare copper? Spare fish?
Quaggan will take whatever nice people have to give.
Please. Quaggan is only guilty of poor decision-making.


  • Donating any amount of coins to him had no effect. This was by design. [1]



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