List of vistas in Snowden Drifts

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Vista Name Area Nearest Waypoint Waypoint (map icon).png Description
Skraaden Slopes Vista Skradden Slopes Podaga Steading Waypoint Run north to the east side of the building in front of you. Climb the slope behind the building and go west. You will then be able to get to the vista.
King Jalis Vista King Jalis's Refuge Snowhawk Landing Waypoint In the cave to the left of Drakentelt POI, accessible via jumps and ramps on west side of cave.
Trapper's Labyrinth Vista Trapper's Labyrinth Highpass Haven Waypoint Not too far into the cave entrance area, you can see the vista to the upper right.
Vilmark Foothills Vista Villmark Foothills Reaver's Waypoint In the hills south of the Drakentelt POI.
Isenfall Gullies Vista Isenfall Gullies Frozen Sweeps Waypoint Walk around Jormabakke Stead and you will see the vista. It's roughly north of the waypoint on a small hill. The hill has a climbable slope on the south. Midway up you will have to use some fallen trees to get to the top of the hill.
Owl's Abattoir Vista Owl's Abattoir Owl Waypoint View of the Owl's Abattoir. Go to the south end of the abattoir. There should be a Hero point there. Go left in order to climb to the abattoir's roof. Then follow the roof clockwise to get to the vista.