List of vistas in Dredgehaunt Cliffs

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Name of Vista Complete Area Nearest Waypoint
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Toran Hollow Vista Toran Hollow Toran Hollow Waypoint Near the Waypoint, there is a portal connecting Dredgehaunt Cliffs to Lornar's Pass. Face that portal, the way up to the Vista is to your left. Follow the left path for a little and jump up and over the portal to get to the vista.
Wyrmblood Lake Vista Wyrmblood Lake Travelen's Waypoint Across the bridge from the Leopard's Snarl Shrine. Jump up from the roof of Travelen's Steading from the East.
Graupel Kohn Vista Skovtrolde Hearthstead Graupel Waypoint Directly above the Hearthstead
Trolls Teeth Vista Hessdallen Kenning Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint Above the road gap in the Hessdallen
Dostoev Sky Peak Vista Vpered Drill Grey Road Waypoint At the southern wall of the cavern, go through a small tunnel that wraps around up to a higher elevation. When you emerge from the tunnel, go right up the wooden scaffolding. Clear the way and take note of a closed metal door that blocks your path to the right as you climb the scaffold. Head up to the level above the door, go down the ramp slightly, then jump onto the area behind the closed metal door. Alternatively, kill all Dredge on the way up to the Veteran Dredge at the top, and interact with the set of chains, which open the previously mentioned door. Head back through the door. Note that this is currently bugged but there are 2 workarounds. 1) Jumping over it from above. 2) Join a Spider Scurry Guild Rush. The normal route to complete the rush will take you to the Vista (Skill 3, Leap). From there, the only things between you and the Vista are 10+ Dredge, 2 veterans Dredge and a few turrets. Make sure if you are doing it alone, do this part nice and slow and be careful not to get knocked off the walkway.
Frostland Melt Vista Frostland Melt Frostland Waypoint Start from Mantelet Refuge in Frostland Melt, head to the southern part of the fort and exit through the back door. Stop when you are right east of the vista, look to your left and jump down to the roof where the vista is located.You may need to hug the tower there to get around the wall.
Blackearth Coal Mine Vista Dociu Excavation Dociu Waypoint Start from Mantelet Refuge in Frostland Melt, head to the southern part of the fort and exit through the back door. Beware of Trolls on the way. There may be a Veteran Troll and a rich gold vein as you make your way to the Vista. Jump down to the barrel and hug the right wall. You can actually walk through the wooden planks that blocks your way.
Tribulation Rift Viewpoint Tribulation Rift Tribulation Rift Waypoint This Vista is reached via the Tribulation Rift Jump Puzzle