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Wiki Projects

Winter 2012[edit]

Well you know who I am since you found this page. I joined the Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Creature Screenshots group and have been working on that as a priority, but I have been editing in different area's also. My skills as a "screenshotter" have grown to the point where I can be proud of some of my images. This is the first wiki I have devoted any real time with and there is so much to learn. Some area's I have worked on:

Spring 2013[edit]

Been very busy working on... everything! I tried my hand at making almost every type of wikipage, but I think I fell for Objects. I may be the only wiki editor that "loves" objects. So I have devoted Beth and Tiff full time to adding Allies/Foes/Objects to all heart mission pages. Beth is almost 80th so she is doing the high level areas (currently in Ascalon), Tiff is my newest addition and she's doing Shiverpeak Mountains. And Steph can't be left out of the fun, she is my primary "hard target" screenshotter, but in her spare time she has been doing area pages in Mount Maelstrom.

Areas finished adding Allies/Foes/Objects[edit]

Spring 2013 (2)[edit]

I took a short break from area pages to remake my user page. Next project is to farm some gold to make a few new low level characters to verify starting areas, and to fill out my story lines a bit. I am hoping to finish Ascalon before much longer.

Summer 2013[edit]

Finished Ascalon and now I am spending most of my time completing Points of Interest. I'd like to make an edit on Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Cartography at some point saying something is finished. I have 3 characters working on this project full time.