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Guild Wars II Characters[edit]

Unknown Gakx Levitas[edit]

Race: Asura
Gender: Male.
Profession: The Third Adventurer, whichever profession it may be.
Affiliation: College of Statics.
Other info: Gakx is the character I plan on playing the most in Guild Wars II. He also happens to be the co-founder of the Role-Playing guild Sentinels of the Six (Guild Wars II exclusive guild), alongside Malchior Devenholm.

Warrior Beo Gaoth[edit]

Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male.
Profession: Warrior.
Affiliation: Autumn.
Weapon sets: Sword & Sword/Sword & Warhorn
Other info: This is the character with which I'll be playing Guild Wars II alongside my girlfriend.

Ranger Yorick Wu Huan[edit]

Race: Human
Gender: Male.
Profession: Ranger.
Affiliation: Ascalonian-born commoner.
Weapon sets: Shortbow/Sword & Dagger
Other info:
This will be my main human character, and he bears my first name.
Pets: Three big cats; still torn on which, though.

Unknown Roan Burningsoul[edit]

Race: Charr
Gender: Male.
Profession: Undecided since the ritualist will probably not be coming back.
Affiliation: Blood Legion.
Other info: My only charr. Gunna make him pretteh.

Unknown Lotte Veorsdottir[edit]

Race: Norn
Gender: Female.
Profession: Undecided.
Affiliation: Snow Leopard Spirit.
Other info: My only norn character. She's also the only female in this list (Woot!). Hope Guild Wars II allows names of this length, heh...

Warrior Guan Ping[edit]

Race: Human
Gender: Male.
Profession: Warrior.
Affiliation: Canthan-born gentry.
Other info: Yes, I stole a character from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms! Sue me! Guan Ping is going to be Canthan-born Greatsword-wielding awesomeness.

Unknown Darth Naor[edit]

Race: Asura
Gender: Male.
Professions: Anything.
Affiliation: College of Dynamics.
Other info: Yes, another male asura. Why, you ask? Well, I'm going to use this one mainly for PvP-purposes. The name originates from the Guild Wars 2 Guru, where Malchior Devenholm asked for something NOW ("Nao!"), which was begging for a lame joke from my side, after which he turned my nickname into Naor. Thalador Doomspeaker then gave it a little twist and voilá, Darth Naor was born. And yes, that explanation had a lot of links in it.